Frank Paschal


My name is Frank Paschal and I'm a lifelong Atheist. A coworker of mine, who is also a member of the ACA, knew I had an interest in the show and invited me to the studio to see what it's all about. My first visit they sat me down in front of the sound board, showed me what to do, and I was hooked!

Ever since, I've been helping out with setting up the studio before the show and running various controls in the "booth" while we're on the air. I'm now in the process of obtaining my PACT Producers certification and I'm almost done! I also use the editing equipment to make promos and to prepare the show for rebroadcasting at a later time.

I'm an electronic technician by trade and work in an electronics test laboratory. I also enjoy photography, boating, travel and of course, debating theists!