Jenna Belk

Rotating co-host

I was raised in a strict Catholic household in a family of 9. I believed in a god with my whole heart. I began to work to become a youth minister for a junior high group of kids before I discovered I struggled with addiction. Because of that, I was very politely asked to try again later. I began to search for belonging and after about 5 or 6 years of wandering and then desperately seeking answers, I finally landed at the ACA in the winter of 2018, a fresh, "Baby Atheist" as I was called.

Starving for more answers after unearthing an unimaginable amount of questions, I discovered that I want to make changes to the new world I'm encountering. I've learned that I struggle with my mental health and so much of it has been unnecessarily inflicted by my childhood religious indoctrination. People are unaware of the harm it can cause, so I'm willing to shed some light on that while promoting compassion, empathy, understanding, and patience for those who do (or will know) what it's like to have your world flipped completely upside down.

I'm honored to have become a rotating host on the Atheist Experience, bringing hope and passion to the table, while in the mean time learning all I can about logical structure and philosophical exploration, with the help of this amazing team of people. I've even been inspired to begin my own show about sharing a balanced atheist perspective, avoiding extremes, promoting curiosity, education and humility. I'm hoping to help bridge the gap between atheist and theist.

Thank you for all the support you bring to the ACA. This organization has changed my life and I hope I can do the same for you.