Keryn Glasser

Alternate co-host

Russell and I were raised by a non-specific spiritual mom (coined the phrase "spiritual Internet"), and an atheist physicist dad. I am also Jewish by heritage, culture, and blood on both sides of my family. My parents' approach was to present me with all possible knowledge and allow me to draw my own conclusions. At first I wanted to believe in god like I wanted to believe in unicorns and fairies. I went to religious school through my whole childhood, became a Bat Mitzvah when I was 13 and was Confirmed when I was 15. I was an assistant teacher in the religious school in high school, as well as the president of my local Jewish youth group, and a board member of my national youth group. In college I was on the board of my local Hillel, and after college I got a job with the Jewish Community Association of Austin. Currently I am a member of my temple choir and I attend temple about twice a month. Meanwhile, I'm a strong and active atheist by philosophy, and the two fit in perfect harmony with my life style. I am also a practicing Gerontological social worker, currently working at a hospice, and I'm very interested in exploring death and dying from a non-religious perspective. I believe that it is very important for Atheists to begin to develop a better outlet for dealing with death without having to choose between ignoring/dismissing it or becoming religious. Meanwhile, I'm a pacifistic, animal loving, tree hugging, vegan and I can tie all of that directly to my atheist belief system.